Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday Surprise

I didn't even realize, but yesterday's post was number 100. Color me startled and amazed! Hopefully this blog has provided some merriment to the readers out there, and I plan to keep my (often overly verbose) chatter coming.
The perils of clothing.
Only one thing is really on my mind today - Ctrl-Alt-Del.

I've spoken about the strip before - specifically how I like the comic, but Ethan rubs me the wrong way.

He's always doing wild, zany stuff, see. Usually for the sole reason that the unexpected is, ya know, suppose to be funny and crazy and stuff.

And of course, whenever he does something stupid just for laughs, there isn't any fall-out. Ethan might have his schemes foiled or not turn out perfect - but he never gets in any real trouble for acting like a total dick to friends, family, strangers... anyone.

So, the latest story arc seemed true to form. Ethan gets to meet Lilah's parents - and unsurprisingly Ethan humiliates himself, he can't go five minutes without a gaming reference, and he manages to inflict bodily harm on her father.

And, as expected, her parents just smile and accept his tomfoolery.

I shrugged. I'm used to these arcs and the way they go. So be it.

And then Tim Buckley decides to throw me off my game, as Ethan recognizes he was acting like an idiot and seems determined to make it right.

Now, I'm sure that will consist of even more elaborate hijinks... but still.

That's more character than I've come to expect from Ethan, and stumbling across it was a very pleasant surprise.

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