Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Webcomics produce the most improbable protaganists imaginable...

Click for full-sized Death and Taxes! Given how many webcomics I read (a lot), and the amount of time available in the day (not enough), it is rare I stumble across a new comic that immediately pulls me in and gets added to my list of daily reads.

So I was pleasantly surprised to encounter Belphegor. The latest strip thus far (as shown on the right) immediately convinced me the art was to my tastes, with lively (er, so to speak), interesting characters.

I took a walk through the archives and was not disappointed. Despite the prevalance of dick and fart jokes, political humor and obscure references - all things that often aren't my cup of tea - it works. Perfectly. The concept is great, the characters are great, the jokes are great.

It's a clever little comic that has a very unique identity, and fulfills its promise well. The cast of characters is enough to have some diversity of behavior without being overloaded. The overarching story is present, but not especially intrusive on the everyday jokes.

All in all, it's a combination of unexpected elements that comes together to rate very high on my list. For those who haven't checked it out before, I recommend it.

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