Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Electrifying Science

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! See that, over there on the right?

Now that is a cool weapon.

Furthermore, it is a mad scientist's weapon. As the author puts it - "a gun which pretty much requires the wielder to say 'Bwa ha ha ha ha ha.'"

It should be noted, however, that Benjamin is not doing just that.

A Miracle of Science is one of my favorite webcomics. As with certain other popular strips, mad science is fun.

We have the main hero, who has been struggling as a recovering user of mad science - and here we find him putting together a ball lightning gun from a variety of spare parts.

Is he returning to his weakness? Is he transcending it and putting that skill to greater use?

Dude, like I care? Ball Lightning Gun, man! Is that not awesome? I say it's awesome.

And yeah, I'm definitely in it for the story.

But still. Ball lightning gun. Wicked.

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