Thursday, April 27, 2006

The only bard I've ever played was designed on a lark. Hah!

'A bard doesn't get drunk... he get's inspired!' This post is something of a follow-up to my thoughts on guest strips - namely, I noticed that Paul Southworth of Ugly Hill fame is doing "Tales by Tavernlight" - an old strip by Scott Kurtz that still occasionally pops up in PvP.

I think that this is supremely awesome.

First off, from the sample strip given thus far (on the right), Paul's art style is frickin' perfect for the job.

Secondly... I'm just a fan of this sort of interaction in webcomics. Artists are often more than willing to let others play around with their characters, and I think that is fantastic.

So hey. I haven't picked up any of the PvP print issues... mainly 'cause I'm lazy more than anything. But I may well take a look at the upcoming issue with this stuff, and see how well it works. It certainly looks good, and I can't imagination the brainchild of those two guys failing to impress me.

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