Friday, March 24, 2006

Pleasant Perplexity

I admit I probably have not been paying as much attention as I should to the latest happenings in Nukees.

I'm not entirely sure why the dynamic duo are currently trying to get information about... whatever they are trying to find out.

I'm also not sure why the trip involved a detour to Gav's parents.

But I think it says quite a bit that, despite not really following the current overall storyline, the strips have remained brilliantly funny. Especially the latest two - watching Danny and Gav's o-so-cliche misadventure in secretarial seduction has proven a high point in my week.

Sorry for the short posts this week! Life's been busy giving me lemons... or however the saying goes... but hopefully things will have settled a bit by next week.


Andrew Araki said...

Hey, at least you're updating. There are quite a few commentary sites that aren't even doing that.

Yes, I dig Danny's flirting, especially cause it's so bad.

Mr Myth said...

And I suspect his transparently clumsy attempts and natural charm will prove more effective than if the lines he was being fed actually worked.