Thursday, March 09, 2006

Oh boy... comics!

The Official Strategy Guide for World of Warcraft includes a number of WoW specific comics done by the fine lads at Penny Arcade.

I'd read a friend's copy back when the game came out, before I had actually played it myself, and, as is often the case, the comics were funny as hell.

Quite some time beyond that, I began playing WoW myself and could finally appreciate the comics - but alas, the nearby game stores had a poor selection of literature on the strategical arts, and no book to be found. Aside from that, I was too lazy to order it online, and buying a guide I wouldn't use solely for the comics seemed a bit silly.

But lo and behold! Blizzard has been placing the various comics on their site for all to see!

So for any of those who like hunting down all the non-PA stuff done by the Penny Arcade guys, here is a good selection that can be appreciated with or without actual knowledge of the game.

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