Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Piece of the Pie

I know a while back I gave Accidental Centaurs a bit of grief over the artist's methods of getting donations; namely, actively threatening and ranting at the readers.

That said, he is currently having a guest month storyline done, and giving the guest artists a share of the donations that come in during that time.

Now that's pretty cool.

In Other News...

Debate and discourse ensues over the webcomic review medium!
A new contender enters the fray!
Bitter rivals resolve to join forces to work for the greater good!

Man, I'm just glad all the crazy in-your-face drama has died down to everyone having a good laugh at each other... or whatever the current state of things is.

Seriously, if only WvW was here to save us all, and/or set us back at each others throats. Is it a shame that such a brilliant thing fell into nothingness, and was left only as a repository for redundant spam?


Tangent said...

I think the current state of things is a return to ignoring one another until someone trods on someone else's toe once more.

Mr Myth said...

Well, so it goes. The webcomics world is oft to meet such drama, and while I can't say such things are pleasant experiences, it is pleasing to see a time when more than just bitterness came out of it.