Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Tales and Tribulations

Giving ThanksOf late, Modern Tales has definitely been winning me back.

The site's design remains... well, not what I would expect from something calling itself "professional webcomics." Navigating to the latest updates requires extra clicks, trying to determine if you missed updates requires checking every strip one by one, and the design itself is a tad cluttered.

But, you know - I can live with that. Because MT has finally gotten it's groove back, with a ton of new content that seems perfect for the site. Being able to load the page and see over a half-dozen updates a day? That means the site is alive, and that is totally awesome.

The latest additions in particular have been a great crop. Not long ago I reviewed the brilliance that is Alma Mater - now that the rest of the line up has hit the page, I see that they definitely know how to pick 'em.

One of the other big winners that has really grabbed me is Steverino! The title character is a hopeless little guy who fails at life, and relationships, and yet makes for an incredibly charming read. It's odd, because normally I shy away from humor that revolves around failure, and people making fools of themselves - but Steverino is a modern Charlie Brown, still forlornly chasing after his Little Red-Haired girl, and I'm able to empathize with his heartache even while it keeps me laughing.

Now I'll just cross my fingers for Girlamatic to breathe again,and then I'll be a happy camper.

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Scott said...

Yeah Steverino is pretty sweet, I like the expression on his face, it's what makes the strip. The brain addled innocence there is what's captured well.