Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Wednesday!

A few short notes today:

NEWS: Hob has shown itself to the light of day, and it is very pretty.

CATS: VG Cats wins for best Valentine's cards ever.

HEARTS: Something*Positive wins for best Valentine's Day strip ever.


Evan said...

Heck, yes. Milholland=hysterical. I mean... part of what I love about S*P is how he makes these sometimes pretty vicious jokes about things, and you feel like you should be offended, but then the next day he makes a vicious joke about something completely opposite. And so I checked this morning and thought "That's a Penny Arcade/Eric Burns/et. al style proposal, only he's just making fun of it. Brill.

...and VG cats is amazing, as always. The Zelda valentine is the best.

Evan said...

Er... yeah. That's me, Kneefers. Dunno why it has my real name up there, it doesn't usually do that. Anyway.
Good stuff.

Mr Myth said...

Agreed on the Zelda, and agreed on the Milholland. The best part - even the people involved in the proposals he is mocking are going to laugh at that, just as much as the rest of us.