Friday, September 15, 2006

A Few Observations

I've noticed that Penny Arcade has returned to early morning updates. It isn't anything I feel entitled to demand from a free strip, of course, but it feels good nonetheless. Bonus: Wii drama ensues!

I failed to notice that the new PvP site had gone live, due to my bookmark not redirecting me (forgivable, given he's come down ill). In any case, to my shame, I didn't even notice a day or two had passed without updates, until some other site mentioned the new look. Bonus: Kurtz outlaws handshakes!

Now that I've told you a bunch of things everyone already knows about webcomics everyone already reads, let's switch gears to point out information people need to know. (Cue ominous echo sounds here.)

Within the last few weeks, both Kittens! The Comic (which is about kittens) (or, at least, about a kitten) and Puppies!! (which is not about kittens) (or, for that matter, about puppies) have both begun. I sense a conspiracy. (I also sense that I have used far too many parenthesis in the last few sentences.)

(That is all.)


Anonymous said...

Well, I wouldn't get to used to it. It's I miracle I've done three in a row!


Mr Myth said...

Well hey, I'll work on the virgin sacrifices and such, and you see what you can do to keep the miracles coming - sound like a plan?

But seriously, it's been like a shiny new car every day!

...and by car, I mean comic strip. And by every day, I mean... three times a week.

Yeah, I think I'll stop talking (by which I mean... writing) right about... now.