Friday, September 22, 2006

Change and Stasis

Not much to report today:

-Abstract Gender has a new artist. It's fourth one, in fact. While normally that heavy turnover is a sign that a strip may be giving up the ghost, in this case it seems to bode nothing but success - dozens of artists tried out for the new position, and the strip seems to have a pretty heavy readership for something that has been around for under a year and a half.

-Mac Hall is setting aside what it has been up until now, and will be returning in a new form in October. This seems to be a change that has been coming for quite a while, and I am certainly interested to see what new shape they have in mind.

-Sam and Fuzzy is brilliantly evil, and likes cliffhangers. I hates him so.

-Scary Go Round is brilliantly evil, and likes cliffhangers. I HATES HIM SO!

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