Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Ok. Ok. Man.

So I just discovered this comic called Antiseptic Poetry. It's about this superhero (named Sunflower {...yeah, seriously}) who we never actually see in action. Instead, she spends most of her time chatting with her roommate - usually while not wearing any pants.

Seriously. 90% of the comic is spent depicting this girl lounging around scantily clad, often striking pretty absurd poses for casual conversation.

It's everything that is rant-worthy about the state of comics, and that is before the character gives a speech on her apparent modesty (which would ring a bit more resoundingly if the artist of the strip didn't undermine that point, say, every other panel. Seriously. Every. Other. Panel.)

But the worst part about it? The absolute worst thing?

I really really like the damn comic.

The dialogue is clever and fun. I like the entire idea of a comic where the main character is a superhero, but we never actually see them in action. It's tangential and irrelevent, and only serves to make for the occasional story. The casual, ordinary troubles they deal with are genuinely engaging. The characters in the strip are each individual and likable.

Man. I'm confounded.


Abby said...

Don't be ashamed about what you like, man. There's no shame in it if you freely admit that it does suck.

Anonymous said...

Because -- make no mistake -- suck it does.