Thursday, October 12, 2006

What, exactly, does a non-adventure consist of?

Pure Essence of AwesomeIt is rare for a webcomic to win me over instantaneously - yet I should have known to expect no less from any product of the diabolical mind of Justin Pierce.

Most webcomic parodies riff on Batman. And hey, that's all well and good, it's damn funny stuff. Superman makes the rounds as well, and again - good stuff. But once it's been done... well, it's been done.

So maybe that's why Wonderella stands out right off the bat. Or maybe its the suprisingly well crafted facial expressions? The cluelessness of our heroine? The witty alt-text? The 500 bears??

Does it matter? The comic is good stuff. Give it a whirl.


tedzsee said...

Why does firefox not display the alt-text?

Mr Myth said...

That's... a very good question. You can get it to display by right-clicking and selecting properties, but that seems like quite a bit more work than should be needed. And these days, that means missing out on a lot of hidden humor in a lot of webcomics...