Monday, July 10, 2006

A mysterious case of the Mondays?

Man, it appears to be one of those days where I've got way too much to talk about, and not nearly enough time to do so.

I laughed at Megatokyo today. Man, I miss that.

Sinfest is back, and has a new website! Once upon a time, I thought Sinfest was one of the most solidly updating comics out there. These days, it has its share of occasional absences, but always returns in the end. It has had some very good storylines over the last year, without losing its normal brand of humor. And now seeing the newest comic doesn't requiring scrolling down the page ten times!

DnDorks has been getting back to its original cast of characters. This is cool and all, but I still find myself inexplicably confused by the previous arc, despite still thinking the story was awesome. However, things seem to indicate we'll get some explanation for stuff. Maybe. I dunno. Eh, whatever. It's a cool comic and captures the gaming experience well. That's pretty much all I care about.

Man, my posts today seem faintly bitter, and I'm not sure why - I was actually really happy about all these comics today.

Let's try some focusing here. On a completely upbeat note, Girly has been rocking out of late, and the upcoming storyline looks to have something to do with Policeguy, one of my favorite characters. So that's awesome.

Anyway, time to get back to work! Tune in tomorrow, when I don't talk about webcomics at all. Oooo, mysterious.

Ok, maybe not so much.

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