Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Confession

So, I just finished watching Firefly the other day.

Yeah, I know. I know!

Anyway, now that I've completely destroyed my nerd credibility here, I'm going to try and regain some ground by returning to geeking out over Kingdom Hearts 2.


Andrew-TLA said...

Don't matter none that it took you this long to watch it. Easy to miss on ruttin' Fox, and the boxed set's spendy enough that I wouldn't have it if I didn't get it as a gift. Bonuses are shiny, though.

Mr Myth said...

Yeah. The biggest hold-up was that, well... I don't watch tv. So my natural laziness prevented me from going to any extra special measure to seek it out.

Once Serenity came out, which I saw, I knew I wanted to watch Firefly.

Unfortunately, again... laziness prevailed. I watched about half of it while the discs were on loan from a friend, then had to return them. It took me a few more months before I remembered to go hunting them down again.

I'd watch a good 1/4 to 1/2 the series in one sitting - but actually getting around to those sittings was the problem.

And hey! That was way more explanation than was truly needed. Ah well, such is life.